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Oral Presentation

10 October 2016

Session on Cell Biology

 E Birgitte LaneA Complexity of Keratins in Health and Disease
 Jennifer ZenkerQuantitative Single-Cell Imaging of Living Pre-implantation Mouse Embryos
 Kok Haur OngFeature-based signature of skin diseases using multiphoton and second-harmonic generation (SHG) imaging
 Laurent GoleImage-based quantitative validation of anti-fibrosis drug efficacy using multiphoton and second-harmonic generation (SHG) imaging
 Ge YangImage-based computational methods for understanding dynamic behavior of intracellular organelle networks
 Lee Jia YingHIPPTox: High-throughput In vitro Phenotypic Profiling for Chemical-induced Toxicity Prediction
 Histoindex Pte LtdHistoIndex Stain-Free Multiphoton Digital Pathology

Session on Imaging and Microscopy

 Michael LieblingComputational imaging tools to study cardiac development and function
 Kok Hao ChenSpatially resolved, highly multiplexed RNA profiling in single cells
 Zhang ZhenQuantitative Topological Analysis of Microtubule Cytoskeletal Networks from Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy Images
 Sharon Ong Lee LingDetecting bacteria division from time-lapse microscopy images with Hidden Conditional Random Fields
 Ho QirongDistributed Machine Learning on Big Data

11 October 2016

Session on image analysis

 Keng-Hui LinQuantifying cellular morphology of MDCK cysts for studying apical constriction
 Jierong ChengThree-plus Coupled Level Sets for Cell Segmentation and Tracking in Time-lapse Microscopic Images
 Yusuke AzumaQuantitative analysis for variability of cell-cell contacts in C. elegans embryos
 Li ChenA medical image registration method based on network structure and circuit simulation
 Gu YingEfficient max-flow algorithms for cell image segmentation using modified variational Potts model
 Wang MengmengAutomated Analysis of Angiogenic Vessel Morphologies in 3D Microfluidic Devices
 Hernán Morales-NavarreteAutomatic reconstruction of tubular networks from intravital microscopy images
 Tran Thi Nhu HoaModeling and analysis of tissue organization to understand diabetes

Special session on big data and machine learning

 B. S. ManjunathDeep Learning and scalable image informatics for bioimaging
 Stephen WuA machine learning pipeline for whole brain imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans: cell tracking, quantification, annotation and visualization
 Li YuUnsupervised Dictionary Learning for Group Sparse Representation
 Gao YufeiDisparity Decoding from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Deep Learning
 Phi Vu NguyenOptimal processing for gel electrophoresis images: Applying Monte Carlo Tree Search in GelApp

12 October 2016

Session on database and distributed computing

 Jason SwedlowOMC's Bio-Formats and OMERO: Open source tools for image data management, sharing and analysis @ scale
 Hanchuan PengTBA
 Lachlan WhiteheadOn demand cluster computing - Image analysis in the cloud
 Koji KyodaSSBD: a database for sharing quantitative data and microscopy images of biological dynamics
 Wei WangRafiki: Deep learning as a service

Session on Biophysics

 Yasuhiro InoueThree-dimensional vertex simulation of multicellular dynamics for understanding mechanics of epithelial tissue morphogenesis
 Hideki ItohMeasurement of organelle-specific temperature changes by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
 Oh DongmyungGrb2 recruitment between EphA2 and EGFR during ligand activation
 Alejandro Sune AunonL1-regularized reconstruction for traction force microscopy
 Koon Yen LingNovel FRAP Analysis Method For Simultaneous Calculation of Translational and Dissociative Rates
 Zhen ZhangQuantitative Segmentation of Actin Stress Fibers from Fluorescence Micrographs by an Integrated Enhancement and Reconstruction Strategy

Poster session

10 October 2016

 Lim ZiJieAberrant T4SS-dependent virulent protein secretion caused by point-mutated VirB5
 Jaime ChewImaging reveals the efficacy of antibiotic combinations to kill bacteria residing in human cells
 Chan Yi HaoFingolimod abrogates Chikungunya-induced inflammation by blocking migration of pathogenic CD4+ T cells into the joints
 Teo Teck HuiCaribbean and La Réunion Chikungunya virus isolates differ in their capacity to induce pro-inflammatory Th1 and NK cell responses and acute joint pathology
 Yu-chi AiTemperature stability for three-dimensional live cell microscopy

11 October 2016

 Zeju LiAge groups related Glioblastoma study based on radiomics approach
 Tan YingrouHistocytometry upsized (uHistocytometry)- Image analysis for multiplex staining of complex tissue
 Lisa Tucker-KelloggVesicle Detection in Video Microscopy
 Nguyen Phu BinhSuperpixel-based segmentation of muscle fibers in multi-channel microscopy
 Yannis KalaidzidisBayesian Foreground/Background Discrimination (BFBD) algorithm for noise suppression in fluorescent microscopy
 Amin GarboutDetection and quantification of soil surface cracks by X-ray micro computed tomography
 Marcelo da Mata OliveiraGeneric Framework for Tracking in 3D+t Biomedical Data

12 October 2016

 Yip Ai KiaCompetition between intercellular adhesion and intracellular cortical actin bending governs cell orientation and elongation on physiologically-relevant negative curvature substrates
 Zeng YukaiCircular Dorsal Ruffles Increase Directional Persistence of Cell Migration by Reorganization of Actin
 Keng-hui LinQuantifying tight junction curvature to measure apical constriction force of a cyst
 Rui Zhen TanThree-dimensional computational model to predict morphology of cells in multilayered epithelial sheets and tubes
 Wen-hung ChouThree-dimensional Traction Force Measurement of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Cells on Patterned Substrates
 Hsuan YangThree-Dimensional Cellular Traction Force Microscopy on a Flat Substrate
Fibroblast size control behavior on three-dimensional gelatin scaffolds of uniformly ordered and tunable pores

All poster presenters are encouraged to put up their poster at the beginning of the day before the first oral presentation and take down their posters at the end of the day. Allocated days for each poster is given here.