20 March 2018
BII intern ranked #1 in Sub-Challenge 3 of Diabetic Retinopathy - Segmentation and Grading Challenge

Congratulations to BII intern, Frank Lyu Xingzheng whose method is ranked No.1 out of the 22 teams internationally in the Diabetic Retinopathy - Segmentation and Grading Challenge, Sub-Challenge 3. His BII mentor since Jan 2018 is Dr. Cheng Li of Machine Learning For Bioimage Analysis group.

The title of Sub-Challenge 3 is "Optic Disc and Fovea Detection: Automatic localization of optic disc and fovea center coordinates and also segmentation of optic disc". This Challenge is organized in conjunction with the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.

As a result, Lyu Xingzheng is invited to make a presentation at the forthcoming ISBI Challenge Workshop 2018 at Washington DC, 4th April 2018.


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