Outreach Activities

EventDateVenuePhoto Gallery
Visit from Tokyo Institute of Technology08-09-2017Matrix Level 7[Click here]
Open house for One-North Festival 201717-08-2017Matrix Level 7[Click here]
BII-ICTV Symposium: Advances In Viral Taxonomy14-07-2017Matrix Level 7[Click here]
Talk on "Mind Control" by Dr. Lee Hwee Kuan24-01-2017Hwa Chong Junior College[Click here]
Talk on "Time Travel" by Dr. Lee Hwee Kuan22-01-2016Hwa Chong Junior College[Click here]
Nobel Science Camp 25-11-2015Matrix Level 7[Click here]
A*STAR Science Jubilee04-09-2015Matrix Level 7[Click here]
X-periment 201510-07-2015Vivocity[Click here]
National Science Challenge 201530-06-2015BII APD Lab[Click here]
Talk on "Relativity" by Dr. Lee Hwee Kuan23-01-2015Hwa Chong Junior College[Click here]
X-periment 201418-07-2014Marina Square Atrium[Click here]
The Biopolis Carnevale18-10-2013Biopolis[Click here]
Research Exposure Programme (REP)05-06-2013Fusionopolis, Level 13, Potential[Click here]
X-periment 201228-07-2012Marina Square Atrium[Click here]
Sharing session with SIMC participants25-05-2012Exploration Theatre, Matrix [Click here]
WPS 2011 Awards04-11-2011A Star[Click here]
Talk on Open Source Software by Dr. Jason Swedlow26-09-2011Biopolis Matrix Building, Creation at Level 4[Click here]
Talk by Dr Chandra on 15 Mar15-03-2011Biopolis Matrix Building, Discovery at Level 4[Click here]