YONG Tai Pang
Deputy Director, IT

Wilson KWO Chia Yee
Senior Application & Systems Engineer

CHEW Chee Siang
Senior Systems Engineer

TOE Chin Siang, LIANG Zhu
Systems Engineer

SUM Hei Mun
Website & Digital Media Designer

The role of the team is to provide BII with a one-stop IT support shop in areas of general IT services, desktop/CPU computing, computational storafe, network, web hosting/development, IT security and productivity software.

In 2017, we have expanded BII's storage capacity significantly. This is to accomodate the inflow of clinical research data coming in BII as well as support the current scientific projects which are bigger datasets. Some parts of the IT infrastructure were also given hardware refresh abd we will continue this work in 2018.

We will also be exploring distributed computing on the Internet to support the various types of computational simulation run by our researchers, in the hope that it will increase efficiency and lower costs.

Bio-Computing Centre Members

YONG Tai Pang
Deputy Director, IT
Name Title
Mr. Kwo Chia Yee, WilsonSenior Application & Systems Engineer
Mr. Chew Chee SiangSenior Systems Engineer
Mr. Toe Chin SiangSystems Engineer
Mr. Liang ZhuSystems Engineer
Ms. Sum Hei MunWebsite & Digital Media Designer