Thu, 08 Nov 2018
Towards revealing the functions of all genes in plants
Abstract Despite 50 years of intensive research, less than 20% of genes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana have been functionally characterized, which limits our understanding of gene function... more

  Mon, 29 Oct 2018
Biophysical Insights into Allosteric mechanisms
Abstract The NFκB signalling system receives extracellular signals and turns on hundreds of stress-response genes.The family of NFκB transcription factors is tightly regulated by several inhibito... more

  Tue, 09 Oct 2018
KRISP challenging the status quo in Africa and producing world-class scientific research and novel bioinformatics software applications for high-throughput and big data analysis
The KZN Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform (KRISP) want to challenge the status quo to create a world-class environment that drives high-level science, creates innovation and reverses the bra... more

  Thu, 20 Sep 2018
Seminar 2 - Why do influenza viruses evolve so slowly?
Abstract Human seasonal influenza viruses create a persistent global infectious disease burden by evolving to escape existing antibody-mediated immunity. While the genetic evolution of seasonal inf... more

  Thu, 20 Sep 2018
Seminar (1) - Genetic diversity and host adaptation of avian H5N1 influenza viruses during human infection
I will tak about H5N1 infections in humans and the high mortality in especially Indonesia. We have performed next generations sequencing to investigate genetic diversity of HPAI H5N1 during human infe... more

  Mon, 10 Sep 2018
Validating of protein:ligand complexes: Reconciling theory and experiment
Abstract Understanding how a given ligand, such as a pharmaceutical drug molecule, interacts with its receptor whether this is a therapeutic target, metabolizing enzyme or carrier molecule is central... more

  Mon, 30 Jul 2018
Structural Dynamics of the Insulin-Insulin Receptor Interaction
The way in which insulin engages its primary binding site on the insulin receptor (IR) is still unknown, notwithstanding the structures of the free hormone and receptor fragments in both the apo and b... more

  Thu, 05 Apr 2018
Long Read Metagenomics
There is increasing interest in using long read sequencing techniques, as provided by Oxford Nanopore and PacBio, in the context of environmental sequencing. With read lengths ranging up to hundreds o... more

  Mon, 12 Mar 2018
RNA virus evolution and the predictability of next year's flu
RNA viruses like HIV or influenza virus evolve rapidly and thereby evade human immunity. We have performed whole genome deep sequencing of longitudinal samples spanning 5-10 years from acute to chroni... more

  Fri, 09 Mar 2018
Broad-spectrum virucidal antivirals
There are millions of people that die of viral diseases (VDs) annually, rotavirus (diarrhoea) kills 1.8 million, HIV 2.5 million, and there are many more examples. The list is long and could become lo... more

  Mon, 12 Feb 2018
Eyes are the windows of the body: the analysis of corneal and retinal images
A paraphrase of the well-known metaphor "Eyes are the windows of the soul" can effectively highlight the clinical importance of analyzing images from the eye, namely corneal and retinal images. In thi... more