20 March 2018
BII intern ranked #1 in Sub-Challenge 3 of Diabetic Retinopathy - Segmentation and Grading Challenge

Congratulations to BII intern, Frank Lyu Xingzheng whose method is ranked No.1 out of the 22 teams internationally in the Diabetic Retinopathy - Segmentation and Grading Challenge, Sub-Challenge 3.... more

09 March 2018
BII intern won a bronze award at the SSEF 2018

Arnold Tan, an RAP intern mentored by Dr. Tan Yaw Sing won a bronze award at the SSEF 2018 with his research project titled "Development of selective CK2 inhibitors by in silico fragment screening"... more


08 December 2017
A*STAR and SingHealth to collaborate on big data for precision medicine and smart technologies for tackling diabetes

The MOU will bring together A*STAR's bioinformatics and computational capabilities, and SingHealth's clinical expertise, to integrate data from various databanks into a central database for ana... more

03 October 2017
14th Annual Science & Technology in Society (STS) forum

Dr Peter Bond from BII was part of a delegation lead by the Chairman A*STAR to attend the 14th Annual Science & Technology in Society (STS) forum and Future Leaders Program held from 30th September... more


24 February 2016
Ground Zero: Zika outbreak

Recife, Brazil is Ground Zero of a new and mysterious epidemic. CNA TV 24 Feb 16

The explosive spread of Zika, carried by mosquitoes and suspected to have caused an alarming sp... more

22 February 2016
Accelerating Genome Analysis

Updated software SIFT 4G can further research in human health, the study of biological processes and agricultural products

SINGAPORE – An international team of scientists, led by... more

18 January 2016
Singapore researchers develop world's first high-throughput imaging platform for predicting kidney toxicity

Automated cellular imaging platform efficiently and accurately predicts toxicity of chemical compounds paving the way toward safer products

Singapore - Research... more


06 November 2015
Scratching the surface of skin disease

Full genomic sequencing of all 14 species of the Malassezia genus opens up possibility of new treatments for microbially-mediated skin diseases

Singapore – An international ... more

29 October 2015
A*STAR findings on breast cancer hold potential for new treatments.

Singapore - Scientists at the  Bioinformatics Institute (BII) and Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), research institutes under the Agency for Science, Technology and Resear... more

29 May 2015
Finding loopholes in the genome: first-of-its-kind predictive tool to identify sequences susceptible to causing mutations, genome instability and diseases.

R-loops, thought to initiate cellular mutations, genome breaks and diseases, may be identified with an accuracy of between 80-90% at lower costs and effort.

Singapo... more


26 September 2014
BII wins best booth display award at A*STAR Scientific Conference 2014

This year's A*STAR Scientific Conference 2014 (ASC) w... more

20 September 2014
Singapore scientists lend hand in fight against Ebola

They are seeking most effective mix of antibodies to counter virus

Singapore is lending a hand to fight Ebola even as the deadliest outbreak of the virus in history continues to rampage throu... more

08 August 2014
A*STAR scientists make breakthroughs in ovarian cancer research

Singapore-Scientists at A*STAR's Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) and the Bioinformatics Institute (BII) have found new clues to early detection and personalised treatment of ovarian cancer, curr... more

29 May 2014
Pocket Science: New mobile application enables DNA analysis on the go

Researchers from A*STAR's Bioinformatics Institute (BII) have developed the first mobile application for Android phones that analyses ab1[1] DNA sequencing files, which enables science ... more

29 January 2014
Singapore's First Influenza Vaccine Demonstrates Favourable Immunogenicity and Tolerability in Clinical Testing

Singapore and Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland - Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Switzerland’s Cytos Biotechnology AG today announc... more

28 January 2014
Biotechnology Student Published Research Paper During Internship

While many students relish the real world experience that an internship provides, Biotechnology graduate Chan Weng Tat took it a step further - his research resulted in a publication in which... more


10 April 2013
Australia and Singapore Join Forces to Tackle Emerging Infectious Diseases

Five research teams in Australia and Singapore awarded A*STAR-NHMRC joint grant to design ways to combat disease-causing bugs

1.    The fight against a number of significant i... more

08 March 2013
A*STAR Scientists Discover "Switch" Critical to Wound Healing
Patients with diseases such as diabetes suffer from painful wounds that take a long time to heal making them more susceptible to infections that could even lead to amputations. A*STAR’s discovery pave... more


16 September 2010
H1N1 Virus exhibits drug resistance within 2 days

Singapore - A team of doctors and researchers from various collaborating institutions made a startling discovery recently about the emergence of resistance to Tamiflu, an antiviral drug us... more


25 November 2009
Singapore Celebrates 30th Anniversary of p53 - the "Guardian of the Genome"

Three hundred scientists will be at Biopolis, Singapore, from 25-26 November 2009 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the discovery of tumour suppressor, p53, otherwise known as the G... more

11 September 2009
BII Team Received "Best Poster Award" at the 8th International Conference on Bioinformatics (7th to 11th September 2009, Biopolis Singapore)

We are pleased to announce that Dr Vachiranee Limvipuvadh and her team from the Bioinformatics Institute (BII) received the "Best Poster Award" for their poster enti... more

22 May 2009
A*STAR Scientists Lead The Way in Deciphering the H1N1 Virus Structural Code

Dr Sebastian Maurer-Stroh and his team of scientists from A*STAR's Bioinformatics Institute (BII) have become the first in the world to demonstrate how bioinformatics and computational biolog... more

16 March 2009
Singapore,UK Researchers discuss new ways to fight microbes, prevent vision loss

Prof Sir David Lane, Chairman of A*STAR's Biomedical Research Council and Chief Scientist of Cancer Research UK, well known as the co-discoverer of the tumour suppressor gene, p53, will deliver... more


10 December 2008
Paper by BII team was selected as one of the best 23 papers in the last two years to be published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)

We are pleased to announce that the paper by Bioinformatics Institute's (BII) Dr. Shubhra Ghosh Dastidar was selected as one of the best 23 papers in the last two years to be... more

03 December 2008
BII team and Collaborators receive "MERL Best Paper Award" at the 4th International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'08) (1 to 3 December 2008, Las Vegas, USA)

The 4th International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'08) was held in Las Vegas, USA from 1 to 3 December 2008.  The purpose of the symposium was to provide a common forum for resear... more

19 November 2008
BII team receives "Outstanding Poster Award" at the A*STAR Scientific Conference

Organised by A*STAR's Cross Council Office, the inaugural A*STAR Scientific Conference was held from 18 to 20 November 2008.  It aims to bring together researchers acros... more

30 May 2008
BII team receives "Best Paper Award" at the First International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI'08) (27 to 30 May 2008, Sanya, Hainan, China)

The First International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI'08) was held in Sanya, Hainan, China from 27 to 30 May 2008.  The aim of the conference was to bring to... more

03 April 2008

A*STAR Awards 2008

The A*STAR Awards are part of the initiative to celebrate A*STAR values - Action, Speed, Teamwork, Resolve, Agility, and Integrity. This year, 2 awards - the STAR Innovation Award and the GEMS... more


17 October 2007
Eminent immunologist and bioinformatics expert join A*STAR to provide scientific leadership and widen global networks
Two eminent scientists have recently joined Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) to provide scientific leadership and to widen the global linkages for the Singapore Immunol... more

20 June 2007
18-year old Singaporean Selected to Present in Two International Conferences
18-year old Nicholas Tan Xue-Wei is probably the only teenager in Singapore to be given an unique opportunity to present his research paper in TWO international conferenc... more


18 January 2006
A*STAR scientists unravel more mysteries of p53
The p53 gene is well recognized for its role in suppressing tumour formation, but many of its functions remain a mystery. Scientists at A*STAR's Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) and Geno... more


03 May 2005
National Grid (Phase 2) is officially launched today by Mr. Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade & Industry at GridAsia 2005. This follows on the successful pilot phase (2003 - 2004) of implementing a na... more

21 January 2005
A-level Graduates are Co-Authors of Article Published in a Scientific Journal
Two 18-year olds A-level graduates have more than their recent graduation to be happy about. Together with researchers from A*STAR's Bioinformatics Institute, Wong Ling Ling of Raffles Junior College ... more


27 May 2004
PRIMER - A New Bio IT Portal by Temasek JC and Bioinformatics Institute
A first-ever Bio-IT Portal called PRIMER - - is set to spawn a vibrant virtual local community of students, teachers and... more

24 March 2004
Singapore Explores Partnership Opportunities With U. S. Biotech Companies
BOSTON, 23 MARCH 2004 SINGAPORE, 24 MARCH 2004 MEDIA RELEASE Singapore explores partnership opportunities with U. S. biotech companies International Advisors give Singapore Biomedical Scien... more

20 February 2004
Singapore Students to Benefit from A*STAR-Imperial College London Partnership
IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON AND A*STAR PRESS RELEASE For immediate release 20 Feb 2004 Singapore students to benefit from A*STAR-Imperial College London partnership Students in Singapore will ha... more


04 November 2003
Dr Santosh Mishra Appointed As Executive Director Of Bioinformatics Institute
4 November 2003 For Immediate Release PRESS RELEASE DR SANTOSH MISHRA appointed as EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF BIOINFORMATICS INSTITUTE The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STA... more

01 November 2003
Official Launch of National Grid Pilot Platform
SINGAPORE, 1 November 2003 - The National Grid Pilot Platform (NGPP) is officially launched today by BG (NS) George Yeo, Minister for Trade & Industry. The NGPP is the first phase of a national cyb... more

23 October 2003
Biopolis ready for action: Singapore's biomedical hub set to open
PRESS RELEASE SINGAPORE, 23 OCT 2003 Biopolis ready for action: Singapore's biomedical hub set to open The Biopolis, a state-of-the-art biomedical research hub and a reflection of Singap... more


11 March 2002
BII Joins Gelato - A Global Consortium to push Open Source Initiatives on Itanium Based Processors
HP Announces Global Consortium to Enable New Linux Capabilities for Academic and Industrial Research Gelato Federation to Facilitate Scalable, Open Source Solutions for Itanium-based Platforms Hewl... more

01 February 2002
New infocomm training partnership to advance Biomedical Sciences research and development IDA and BII join hands to nurture infocomm manpower for an emerging industry
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SINGAPORE, 1 FEBRUARY 2002 New infocomm training partnership to advance Biomedical Sciences research and development - IDA and BII join hands to nurture infocomm manpower f... more

22 January 2002
Intel Named Technology Partner for Singapore's Biomedical Sciences Initiative
SINGAPORE, Jan. 22, 2002 - Intel today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bioinformatics Institute (BII), an institute funded by Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A... more