Head Of Division | Senior Principal Investigator
   Research Group: Atomistic Simulations and Design in Biology

Chandra Verma joined the Bioinformatics Institute (BII) A*STAR, Singapore, in November 2003. He heads the division of Biomolecular Modelling and Design and leads a group that applies physics based models to understand the links between protein sequence, structure and biological function. His group works closely with experimental laboratories where the hypotheses generated are tested. In addition, the group is also involved in designing peptides and small molecules (through virtual screening) both for interrogating biology as well as for therapeutic purposes. Prior to joining Singapore, he worked at the Structural Biology Laboratory in York, UK. He obtained his undergraduate degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, India and his D. Phil at the University of York.

  • Structural/Functional dynamics of biological molecules
  • Peptide/anti-microbial design
  • Virtual screening

Atomistic Simulations and Design in Biology Members

Dr. VERMA Chandra
Senior Principal Investigator
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Dr. VERMA Chandra Principal Investigator
Dr. LI JianguoResearch Scientist
Dr. KANNAN SrinivasaraghavanResearch Scientist
Dr. LAMA DilrajResearch Scientist
Dr. NGUYEN Ngoc MinhResearch Scientist
Dr. TAN Yaw SingResearch Scientist
Dr. FOX Stephen JohnPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. KHARE Shruti VijayPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. YADAHALLI ShilpaPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. KUMAR AkshitaPostdoctoral Fellow - NTU
Dr. THANH BINH NguyenPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. PRADHAN Mohan Rajan Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. MALIK Ashar JamilPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. ARONICA PietroPostdoctoral Fellow
Mr. CHEW Yi HongResearch Officer
Ms. SRINIVASAN Harini PhD student
Mr. SHIVGAN Aishwary Tukaram PhD student
Ms. MHOUMADI Yasmina PhD student
Ms. REID Lauren Marie PhD student
Ms. COWAN Megan Butler PhD student
Mr. Dale Stuchfield * PhD student
Dr. Akshita KUMAR Collaborator
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