Principal Investigator
   Research Group: Structure-based Ligand Discovery and Design

Dr. Hao Fan received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He obtained his Ph.D in Biophysical Chemistry in Dr. Alan Mark's lab at University of Groningen (RUG). He worked as postdoctoral fellow followed by research scientist in both Dr. Andrej Sali's lab and Dr. Brian Shoichet's lab at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He was appointed Principal Investigator at the Bioinformatics Institute (BII), A*STAR in February 2014. The broad goal of Fan Lab is to develop computational techniques for modeling protein-ligand interactions, and to apply the developed methods in applications including:

  1. Drug Development
  2. Discovery of new ingredients for Food and Nutrition
  3. In-silico toxicity prediction for chemical and food ingredient safety
  4. Synthetic biology and biocatalysis for synthesis of pharmaceuticals
  5. AI-guided drug discovery and lead optimization

The broad goal is to develop computational techniques to effectively and accurately model protein-ligand interactions, the developed methods will be applied to therapeutic targets such as GPCRs, transporters and downstream kinases, to contribute to a better understanding and regulation of biological processes, to the discovery of new ingredients for food and nutrition, chemical probes, and drug leads, and to the development of an in-silico platform for chemical toxicity prediction.

Structure-based Ligand Discovery and Design Members

Dr. FAN Hao
Principal Investigator
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Dr. FAN HaoPrincipal Investigator
Dr. LIN FuSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. VERMA Ravi KumarSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Shreyas SUPEKARPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. JALADANKI Chaitanya KumarPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Krishna DeepakPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. HARTONO Yossa DwiPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Ms. LO Wing Kwan Catharine ( joint with Dr. Cheng Li's lab )Research Officer
Mr. MASIREVIC Srdjan PhD student
Mr. LIM Jie Han, Kevin PhD student
Mr. Alessandro BARBIERI PhD student
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