Senior Principal Investigator
   Research Group: Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery for Bioimages

Lee Hwee Kuan is a Senior Principal Investigator of the Imaging Informatics division in Bioinformatics Institute. His current research work involves developing of computer vision aglorithms for clinical and biological studies. Hwee Kuan obtained his Ph.D. in 2001 in Theoretical Physics from Carnegie Mellon University with a thesis on liquid-liquid phase transitions and quasicrystals. He then held a joint postdoctoral position with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) and University of Georgia where he worked on developing advanced Monte Carlo methods and nano-magnetism. In 2003, with an award from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Hwee Kuan moved to Tokyo Metropolitan University where he developed solutions to extremely long time scaled problems and a reweighting method for nonequilibrium systems. In 2005 he returned home to join Data Storage Institute, investigating novel recording methods such as hard disk recording via magnetic resonance. In 2006, he joined Bioinformatics Institute as a Principle Investigator in the Imaging Informatics Division.

Lee Hwee Kuan's current research focuses on for analysis of tissues, histological and cellular images. These images are obtained from light microscopy, including image data sets from high-throughput screens.

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Dr. LEE Hwee Kuan
Principal Investigator
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Dr. LEE Hwee KuanPrincipal Investigator
Dr. SEEKINGS Paul JamesResearch Scientist
Dr. CHIU JiaweiSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. LIANG KaichengPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. AKRAM FarhanPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. SAW Shier NeePost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. LIU WeiPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. PAKNEZHAD MahsaPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Mr. LEE Xiong AnSenior Research Officer
Ms. LIN LiResearch Officer
Ms. YIN ZhuyunResearch Officer
Mr. CHENG Yi-ChihSoftware Engineer
Ms. KOU Khor Li Connie PhD student
Ms. LAIFA Oumeima PhD student
Mr. ONER Mustafa Umit PhD student
Ms. PARK Sojeong PhD student
Mr.Ali KOKSAL PhD student
Mr. SHINTA Kenta PhD student
Mr. COPPOLA Davide PhD student
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