Senior Principal Investigator
   Research Group: Natural Product Biology

Ng Siew Bee joined the Bioinformatics Institute in 2014. She earned her Ph. D in Biochemistry from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) in Singapore. Siew Bee then embarked on her career in natural product research and drug discovery by joining the Centre for Natural Product Research (CNPR), IMCB. Initially she was involved in the development of new assays and subsequently was promoted to lead the High Throughput Screening group. When CNPR corporatized to form MerLion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd she was the Director of Discovery Biology (2002 – 2012), managing all assay development and screening activities, as well as leading the internal antibacterial discovery programme and supporting MerLion antibiotic development programmes. Prior to joining BII Siew Bee was an Adjunct Lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Siew Bee’s group studies the biology of natural products, in particular how they are made and what are their effects on biological systems. To this end they develop and implement biochemical and cellular assays to screen organic extracts derived from plants, fungal fruiting bodies and fermentates of microorganisms, for the discovery of naturally occurring bioactive secondary metabolites. Once an interesting and novel bioactive compound has been isolated and its structure elucidated, they identify and study its biosynthetic pathway. They also investigate methods to turn on the expression of secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters that are cryptic under standard laboratory growth conditions.

Natural Product Biology Members

Dr. Ng Siew Bee
Principal Investigator
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Dr. NG Siew BeePrincipal Investigator
Dr. MUNUSAMY MadhaiyanSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. GOH Qi Yun FaliciaSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Albertus Eka Yudistira SARWONOPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. THAPPETA VENKATA Kishore ReddyPost-Doctoral Research Fellow
Ms. CRASTA SharonResearch Manager
Mr. LEONG Chung YanSenior Research Officer
Ms. TAN Qiu Ning, SereneResearch Officer
Ms. CHAN Kar Yarn, GraceResearch Officer
Ms. CHANG Mun Leng, Amanda Research Officer
Ms. LEE Michele Shi MinResearch Officer
Ms. TAN Yi Qi ZannResearch Officer
Mr. CHEE Zhao yanResearch Officer
Ms. NG Wee Pin VeronicaResearch Officer
Ms. SHAHUL HAMEED Nazihah BeeviLaboratory Technician
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