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   Research Group: Multiscale Simulation, Modelling, and Design

Following his graduation in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford, UK in 2001, Peter moved to the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics to read for a D. Phil., supported by a Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship. He was awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship in 2007 to carry out research at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2010, he became a University Lecturer and Group Leader in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, before being appointed as Principal Investigator at the Bioinformatics Institute A*STAR from October 2013.

Peter J. Bond is Principal Investigator at the Bioinformatics Institute A*STAR. He has >15 years of experience in the development and application of multiscale modelling and simulation approaches to understand biomolecular recognition and assembly. As well as gaining fundamental insights into the mechanisms of action of biomolecules, for example in the areas of immunological signalling or membrane transport, he helps to develop new approaches for pharmaceutical intervention in disease states and new applications in (bio)nanotechnology.

Multiscale Simulation, Modelling, and Design Members

Dr. Peter J. Bond
Principal Investigator
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Dr. BOND Peter JohnPrincipal Investigator
Dr. HUBER RolandAssistant Principal Investigator
Dr. HOLDBROOK DanielPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. MARZINEK JanPostdoctoral Fellow
Ms. BOON Li Shan Priscilla PhD student
Mr. SHIVGAN Aishwary Tukaram PhD student
Ms. WEETMAN Samantha PhD student
Ms. Alister BOAGS PhD student
Ms. Lorena ZUZIC PhD student
Mr. Dale Stuchfield * PhD student
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