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   Research Group: Chemical Genomics

Prakash Arumugam joined BII as a Principal Investigator to head the Chemical Genomics group in January 2015. His laboratory uses chemogenomic profiling methods in budding yeast and mammalian cells to determine Mode of-Action of drugs and natural products and uncover cellular pathways that buffer resistance to the compounds. He is a part of an interdisciplinary team (TOXMAD) that is establishing non-animal-based methods to predict toxicity of chemicals. As a part of a project funded by the BioTransformation Innovation Platform, he is developing methods to produce high value fragrant and flavor molecules in yeast. Dr Arumugam completed his PhD at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in India in 2001. He did his postdoctoral research at the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna (2002-2005) and subsequently at the University of Oxford (2006-2007). Dr Arumugam was a lecturer at the University of Warwick (2007-2014) where his meiosis group identified the first binding site for monopolins at the kinetochore, and a conserved signaling module (Rim15-PP2ACdc55-Endosulfine) that regulates entry into gametogenesis.

My laboratory uses chemical genetic tools in yeast and mammalian cells to uncover mode-of action of bioactive compounds, map cellular pathways of toxicity, determine functions of conserved protein complexes and screen for inhibitors of Protein-Protein interaction.

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Dr. Prakash ARUMUGAM
Principal Investigator
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Dr. ARUMUGAM PrakashPrincipal Investigator
Dr. Mohammad AlfatahSenior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Ms. WONG Jin HueiSenior Research Officer
Ms. GOH Jie Hui, CorinnaResearch Officer
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