Deputy Executive Director (Research)
   Research Group: Protein Sequence Analysis

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh studied theoretical biochemistry at the University of Vienna and wrote his master and PhD thesis at the renowned Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP). After the honour of a FEBS and a Marie Curie fellowship at the VIB-SWITCH lab in Brussels, he has been leading a group of experts in protein sequence analysis as a senior principal investigator in the A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute (BII) since 2007. He has been appointed Deputy Executive Director (Research) at BII in 2019.

His work includes widely used predictors for posttranslational lipid modifications based on short peptide motifs (4 tools, each cited >100 times), a tool that allows predicting and designing amyloid fibre forming peptides (Nature Methods, cited >300 times since 2010) and he continuously catalyzed new biomolecular insights by sequence-based function predictions (publications in PLoS Genetics, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Molecular Cell, Current Biology, Genome Biology,…). In 2012, his group also developed the protein sequence search tool TACHYON which is 200 times faster than the all-time classic BLAST. Being able to quickly move from genomes to protein structures through computational analysis and modelling his team is critically contributing to national and global viral pathogen surveillance, most notably with the FluSurver for influenza sequence analysis which has become widely used by National Influenza Centres as part of the global WHO surveillance network and the GISAID initiative. Similar methods can be applied to other viruses and his team critically contributed analyses to recent major virus outbreaks covering H1N1, MERS, H7N9, Ebola, H5N1, Dengue, H5N8/H5N6, Zika and many more.

He also has a strong track record for industry collaborations ranging from local SMEs to large multinationals on sequence analysis and a major research programme on prediction of allergenicity potential of proteins. His protein function analysis skills are also supporting A*STAR's efforts at the academic-private interface through the Biotransformation Innovation Platform (BioTrans), the Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) and the Innovations in Food and Chemical Safety (IFCS) Programme.

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh's research interests lies in mapping the uncharted islands in functional protein sequence space. This includes inferring functions for uncharacterized genes/proteins based on remote evolutionary relationships, prediction of the 3-dimensional structure of proteins, identification of biologically important residues and disease-related mutations, as well as developing predictors for short functional motifs in protein sequences.

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Dr. MAURER-STROH Sebastian
Deputy Executive Director (Research)
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Mr. HAN Xiaochuan Alvin PhD student
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