Biomolecular Function Discovery Division
Head of Division

Research Overview

Functional interpretation of genome data in terms of biomolecular mechanisms is the major task in fundamental life science. Research results in this area will boost mechanistic research in other areas such as cell biology, genetics, immunology and disease-oriented fields. Gene function determination is a first and necessary step towards systematic understanding of biological systems.

The division will involve three groups:
1. Protein Sequence Analysis Group
2. Gene Function Prediction/ANNOTATOR Group
3. Analytics of Biological Sequence Data
What is truly unique about the Biomolecular Function Discovery Division is the group's interactive and integrated research. Scientists from multiple disciplines (molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and bioinformatics) work closely together to fully understand different aspects of the inherently complex systems intrinsic to living organisms, covering the triad of (i) gene function prediction supported by (ii) intelligent software-workflows and (iii) experimental verification.
Research Objectives

The major goal is the determination of the various aspects of molecular and cellular function (enzymatic activities, posttranslational modifications, 3D structures, translocation signals, etc.) of gene products available in form of uncharacterized genome sequences and the discovery of new cellular pathways with methods from computational biology and experimental biochemistry.
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