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Dr. LOO Lit Hsin
Senior Principal Investigator

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Research Areas
  • Computational toxicology and pharmacology
  • Imaging-based phenotypic profiling
  • Systems and cell biology
Loo Lit Hsin is a Principal Investigator at the Bioinformatics Institute (BII), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore. He is leading a small interdisciplinary team of scientists developing in vitro and computational models for predicting the toxicity and/or targets of chemical compounds. His team has developed novel phenotypic profiling methods and tools that lead to the first high-throughput in vitro cell-based model for nephrotoxicity prediction. Dr. Loo is also an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). He was the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research (2010) and the Alfred Gilman Award (2009) by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; and the Doctoral Award in Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (2005) by Drexel University. Dr. Loo was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Drs. Steven Altschuler and Lani Wu, which was first located in the Bauer Center for Genomics Research at Harvard University (2005), and then in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA (2005-2010).
Selected Publications
  1. Nicola Bougen-Zhukov, Sheng Yang Loh, Hwee Kuan Lee, Lit-Hsin Loo.
    Large-scale image-based screening and profiling of cellular phenotypes.
    Cytometry Part A, in press (2016).

  2. R. Su, S. Xiong, D. Zink, and L.H. Loo.
    High-throughput imaging-based nephrotoxicity prediction for xenobiotics with diverse chemical structures.
    Archives of Toxicology.

  3. K. Kandasamy, J.K.C. Chuah, R. Su, P. Huang, K.G. Eng, S. Xiong, Y. Li, C.S. Chia. L.H. Loo, and D. Zink.
    Prediction of drug-induced nephrotoxicity and injury mechanisms with human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cells and machine learning.
    Scientific Reports, 5:12337 (2015).

  4. S. Ran, Y. Li, D. Zink, and L.H. Loo.
    Supervised prediction of drug-induced nephrotoxicity based on interleukin-6 and -8 expression levels.
    BMC Bioinformatics, 15(Suppl 16):S16 (2014).

  5. L.H. Loo, D. Laksameethanasan, Y.L. Tung.
    Quantitative protein localization signatures reveal an association between spatial and functional divergences of proteins.
    PLOS Computational Biology, 10(3):e1003504 (2014).

  6. D. Laksameethanasan, R.Z. Tan, G.W. Toh, and L.H. Loo.
    cellXpress: a fast and user-friendly software platform for profiling cellular phenotypes.
    BMC Bioinformatics, 14(Suppl 16):S4 (2013).

  7. L.H. Loo, H.J. Lin, D.K. Singh, K.M. Lyons, S.J. Altschuler, L.F. Wu.
    Heterogeneity in the physiological states and pharmacological responses of differentiating 3T3-L1 preadipocytes.
    Journal of Cell Biology, 187:375-384 (2009).

  8. L.H. Loo, H.J. Lin, R.J. Steininger III, Y. Wang, L.F. Wu, S.J. Altschuler.
    An approach for extensibly profiling the molecular states of cellular subpopulations.
    Nature Methods, 6:759-65 (2009).

  9. L.H. Loo, L.F. Wu, and S.J. Altschuler.
    Image-based multivariate profiling of drug responses from single cells.
    Nature Methods, 4:445-53 (2007).


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