Biomolecular Modeling and Design Division
Dr. VERMA Chandra
Head of Division

Research Overview

The Biomolecular Modelling and Design Group is involved in unraveling the fundamental links between sequence, structure, dynamics and biological functions of molecules such as proteins. Recent advances in computational approaches, in conjunction with data obtained from various experimental techniques, have provided detailed atomistic insights into biological complexity. The group's approach follows this philosophy - to be tightly coupled to experimental laboratories such that testable hypotheses are generated and a feedback mechanism of predictions and validations exists between the groups. To generate hypotheses about biomolecular functions, we model both evolutionary as well as physical behaviour. The hierarchy of methods, ranging from fast low resolution (evolutionary/comparative analysis) methods to detailed microscopic analysis (docking/electrostatics/Molecular Dynamics/Normal Mode Analysis/Reaction Paths), leads to focused groundwork for experiments to establish the molecule's role in its complex biological setting. The group is highly interdisciplinary in origin and approach and works extensively with experimental and clinical partners and with the pharma industry.
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