Biophysical Modeling
Dr. CHIAM Keng Hwee
Senior Principal Investigator

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Group Members
Dr. CHIAM Keng HweePrincipal Investigator
Dr. ZENG YukaiPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. YIP Ai KiaPostdoctoral Fellow
Ms. NASSER Lamees PhD student
Mr. Myeongjun JUN PhD student

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Research Overview

The group uses a combination of biophysical and bioinformatics tools to study cell migration. Cell migration is a critical process in every living organism, central to, for example, the morphogenesis of embryos, formation of tissues and organs, wound repair, as well as in less welcoming scenarios such as cancer metastasis. Currently, the group focuses on:

  1. Development of quantitative assays to measure the biophysical properties of cell migration,
  2. Quantitative experiments and modeling of amoeboid migration and chemotaxis,
  3. Quantitative modeling of collective cell migration,
  4. Quantitative experiments and modeling of bacteria swimming and chemotaxis.

Through these assay developments and quantitative experiments and modeling, we hope to eventually identify potential targets to perturb cell migration, which can eventually be translated into drugs to stop cancer cell invasion, promote wound healing, or stop the aggregation of bacterial cells into biofilms.


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