Imaging Informatics Division
Dr. LEE Hwee Kuan
Head of Division

Research Overview
For over three centuries, light microscopy has served as a powerful and indispensable tool for making important biological discoveries. The entry of digital imaging into microscopy has given rise to a new branch of bioinformatics research, also known as Bio-Imaging Informatics. Irrespective of the type of detection device, whether it is the human eye, a camera or an electronic scanner, the human brain still remains the major interpretation engine of image data. However, technological advances in instrumentation, such as 3-dimensional time-lapse imaging and high-throughput screening platforms, have led to experiments that routinely produce thousands of images containing billions of pixels. It is obvious that the manual processing and analysis of images traditionally performed by human experts is increasingly becoming inefficient, incomplete and imprecise.
Research Objectives
The four groups of the Imaging Informatics division are dedicated to the field of quantitative microscopy which aims to automate the interpretation of images by applying methods in computer vision, machine learning and statistics. The research groups focus on "Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery", "Complex Cellular Phenotype Analysis", "Machine Learning For Bioimage Analysis" and "Biophysical Modeling".

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