Bioinformatics is a multi-disciplinary approach combining computational and biological expertise to analyse biological data (both genomic and clinical), to advance biomedical research and development. Bioinformatics is both a science and an engineering art, concerned with the application of mathematics, physical/chemical principles and information technology to solve biological problems.

In the Bioinformatics Institute, there are four methodology-oriented research divisions comprising of research groups led by independent Principal Investigators that focus on specific areas of computational biology. The common denominator is the goal of understanding biomolecular mechanisms underlying cellular phenomena, which is the basis for a rational understanding of pathogenesis or for planning biotechnological applications.

  • HEAD OF DIVISION: Dr. Frank Eisenhaber
  • HEAD OF DIVISION: Dr. Verma Chandra
  • HEAD OF DIVISION: Dr. Lee Hwee Kuan
  • HEAD OF DIVISION: Dr. Ng Siew Bee
  • HEAD OF DIVISION: Dr. Benjamin Smith