Antibody and Product Development
Dr. GAN Ken En Samuel
Principal Investigator

Group Members
Dr. GAN SamuelPrincipal Investigator
Dr. SU Tran To ChinhPostdoctoral Fellow
Mr. LUA Wai HengResearch Manager
Mr. CHAN Kwok FongResearch Officer
Mr. LING Wei LiResearch Officer
Ms. WU WeilingSoftware Technician
Mr. POH Jun JieLaboratory Officer

Research Overview

This newly formed team was officially set up from the Biomolecular Modeling and Design Division in Oct 2013 to be part of the new Translational Research division to work on three streams: therapeutic antibodies; drug design; and product development. Working closely with other groups in BII and both within and beyond A*STAR, the interdisciplinary nature of streams spans across molecular cell biology, computational science, complexity sciences, and biomolecular modeling.

More Details

Publications/Inventions by discipline


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Psychology/Social Sciences

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