Natural Product Biology
Dr. NG Siew Bee
Senior Principal Investigator

Group Members
Dr. NG Siew BeePrincipal Investigator
Dr. MUNUSAMY MadhaiyanPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. GOH Qi Yun FaliciaPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. THAPPETA VENKATA Kishore ReddyPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. TAN Wei Min KennethPostdoctoral Fellow
Ms. CRASTA SharonResearch Officer
Mr. LEONG Chung YanResearch Officer
Ms. LEE Michelle Shi MinResearch Officer
Ms. NG Wee Pin VeronicaResearch Officer
Ms. CHANG Mun Leng, Amanda Research Officer
Ms. LIM Tian RuResearch Officer
Ms. CHAN Kar Yarn, GraceResearch Officer
Ms. TAN Qiu Ning, SereneResearch Officer
Ms. TAN Yi Qi ZannResearch Officer
Ms. SHAHUL HAMEED Nazihah BeeviLaboratory Technician
Research Overview

We are very interested in the discovery of bioactive molecules from natural sources such as plants and microbes. These molecules are useful for a variety of applications such as bioingredients, pharmaceuticals and chemical probes. The starting material for our research is the A*STAR Natural Product Library. It consists of 37,542 plant samples and 123,177 microbial strains. From these plants and microbes nearly 270,000 un-fractionated and 68,985 HPLC fractionated extracts had been prepared. The Collection also includes a library of 2,567 purified natural products with a high proportion of unpublished compounds (18%). Most of these compounds have been isolated during the course of diverse bioassay-guided isolation projects and thus represent an excellent source of bioactive natural products.

Our primary discovery effort is through the screening of extracts derived from plants or microbes against a wide array of biochemical and cellular assays to identify extracts with bioactivity of interest. The active extracts are then subjected to bioassay-guided isolation to identify the compounds present in the extracts that are responsible for the observed biological activity. This work is carried out in collaboration with the Natural Product Chemistry group.

Recent research has shown that microorganisms have many natural product biosynthetic gene clusters that they do not readily express when grown in the laboratory. We are thus augmenting our biological screening-based natural product discovery with genomic characterization of our producing organisms.
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Selected Publications
  1. Butler M S, Yoganathan K, Buss A D and Ng S B.
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    (2012) Journal of Antibiotics, 65, 275-278.
    PubMed PMID: 22415460.

  2. Somanadhan B, Leong C Y, Whitton S R, Ng S B, Buss A D, Butler M S.
    Identification of a naturally occurring quinazoline-4(3H)-one firefly luciferase inhibitor.
    (2011) J Nat Prod., 74:1500-1502.

  3. Subramaniam G, Ang K H, Ng S B, Buss A D and Butler M S.
    A benzopyrroloisoquinoline alkaloid from Ficus fistulosa.
    (2009) Phytochem Lett 2, 88–90.

  4. Janssen C O, Lim S, Lo E P, Wan K F, Yu V C, Lee M A, Ng S B, Everett M J, Buss A D, Lane D P and Boyce R S.
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    (2008) Bioorg Med Chem Lett 18, 5771-5773.
    PubMed PMID: 18845435.

  5. Yoganathan K, Cao S, Crasta C S, Aitipamula S, Whitton S R, Ng S B, Antony D, Buss A D, Mark S, Butler M S.
    Microsphaerins A–D, four novel benzophenone dimers with activity against MRSA from the fungus Microsphaeropsis sp.
    (2008) Tetrahedron, 64, 10181-10187.

  6. Cao S G, Low K N, Glover R P, Crasta S C, Ng S B, Buss A D, Butler M S.
    Sundaicumones A and B, polyprenylated acylphloroglucinol derivatives from Calophyllumsundaicum with weak activity against the glucocorticoid receptor.
    (2006) J Nat Prod, 69, 707-709.
    PubMed PMID: 16643060.
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