Opensource Computing and Technology Innovation
Group Members
Mr. CHEW Chee SiangTeam Leader
Mr. TOE Chin SiangTeam Member
Mr. YEE Guo Wei RobinTeam Member
Mr. ZHU LiangTeam Member

Modern day computing tools geared towards scientific research activities are often evolving and non-structured, with many of them in the opensource domain. With this premise, the group is tasked with the following goals in mind.

1) To provide and support opensource/vendor desktop tools for our scientific community and from our scientific community.

  • Tesla GPU desktop computing - configure and support multi-core/GPU high-end workstation
  • 3D visualization - install and configure OS/applications for 3D viewing (Zalman 3D monitors, Ubuntu Linux, pymol)
  • Institute-wide scientific file server and department shares - configure and support AFS desktop clients to allow researchers to access and share their files. This flexible platform also enables the researchers to host scientific information to the world-wide audience.
  • Source code revisioning and scientific tool licenses hosting
  • Internal department's wikis and info collaboration
  • Adhoc large volume (TBs) data sharing between users

2) To explore and develop proof-of-concept (POC) opensource systems for the Institute

  • glpi - a ticket submission/tracking and desktop inventory tool (implemented March 2009)
  • Horde mail - an opensource Web2.0 based interface to BII email system (implemented Feb 2010)

The following systems are under POC - they are designed to elevate and increase the mindshare of BII/A*STAR in the world-wide scientific community

  • Scientific paper hosting - opensource based documents sharing and retrieval system

3) To educate and promote usage of opensource tools within our scientific community

  • openvpn - an opensource VPN solution for remote access back to BII (implemented June 2009)
  • virtualbox virtual servers hosting - promote and support desktop virtualization for researchers that needs to work on multi-OS platform
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