Physics and Evolution of Biological Macromolecules
Principal Investigator

Group Members
Dr. BEREZOVSKY IgorPrincipal Investigator
Dr. GUARNERA EnricoResearch Scientist
Dr. TAN Zhen WahPostdoctoral Fellow
Mr. TEE Wei Ven PhD student

Research Overview

The group is working on the development of new physical models and bioinformatics computational approaches in the following areas:

  • molecular mechanisms of adaptation to extreme environments with a special interest to protein thermostability;
  • protein functional dynamics and allosteric regulation; and
  • emergence and evolution of the protein function.
More Details

Selected Publications
  1. Berezovsky, I.N., Zheng, Z., Kurotni, A., Tokmakov, A.A. & Kurochkin, I.V.
    Organization of the multiaminoacyl-tRNA synthetase complex and the co-translational protein folding.
    Protein Science 24, 1475-1485. (2015)

  2. Goncearenco, A. & Berezovsky, I.N.
    Protein function from its emergence to diversity in contemporary proteins.
    Physical Biology 12, 045002. (2015)

  3. Goncearenco, A. & Berezovsky, I.N.
    The fundamental tradeoff in genomes and proteomes of prokaryotes established by the genetic code, codon entropy, and physics of nucleic acids and proteins.
    Biology Direct 9, 29. (2014)

  4. Goncearenco, A., Ma, B.G. & Berezovsky, I.N.
    Molecular mechanisms of adaptation emerging from the physics and evolution of nucleic acids and proteins.
    Nucl. Acids. Res. 42, 2879-2892. (2014)

  5. Goncearenco, A., Mitternacht, S., Yong, T., Eisenhaber, B., Eisenhaber, F. & Berezovsky, I.N.
    SPACER: Server for Predicting Allosteric Communication and Effects of Regulation.
    Nucl. Acids. Res. 41, W266-W272. (2013)

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