Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery
Dr. LEE Hwee Kuan
Senior Principal Investigator

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Group Members
Dr. LEE Hwee KuanPrincipal Investigator
Dr. SEEKINGS Paul JamesResearch Scientist
Dr. CHIU JiaweiPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. LIANG KaichengPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. AKRAM FarhanPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. TAN Kuan PernPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. PAKNEZHAD MahsaPostdoctoral Fellow
Ms. SAW Shier NeeResearch Associate
Mr. LEE Xiong AnResearch Officer
Ms. YIN ZhuyunResearch Officer
Ms. CHIA Yi XuanResearch Assistant
Ms. KOU Khor Li Connie PhD student
Ms. LAIFA Ouimeima PhD student
Mr. ONER Mustafa Umit PhD student
Ms. PARK Sojeong PhD student

Research Overview

The group of Computer Vision and Pattern Discovery for BioImages uses advanced computer vision, machine learning and mathematical models to build better machines; for the improvement of health care and discovery of biological knowledge. The group analyses images of tissue, histological slides and 2D/3D live cells assays. These images were acquired using wide-field, confocal and light-sheet microscopes as well as infra-red camera and other kinds of clinical image devices.

In a clinical setting, imaging techniques are becoming important as they are usually non-invasive and advancement of clinical devices has made quantitative analysis of these images an important component for improving health care.

Motivated by the desire to device better cures for diseases and driven by enabling technologies, biological experiments are becoming more quantitative and generating large amounts of data. These images are then analyzed and used to create new biological hypotheses that are further validated using other experimental means. The group is also working towards the development of better image acquisition protocols to acquire high quality microscopy images.

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